Pump Up or Dump the Trump?

So… yeah. First of all, this post has exactly nothing to do with Michael Phelps or swimming or the Olympics. I just REALLY wanted to use the Phelps Face in something…sooooo….there ya go! ***CONTENT DISCLAIMER*** The opinions expressed below are mine and mine alone. If you disagree with me – I will not think any […]

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“Why Me?” – Job Gets Tested

Job 1-5 Well, my reading plan juked and jinked and took me from Genesis right into Job. I was expecting to be floating down the Nile with baby Moses this week… but, instead, I am sitting beside Job’s three friends and listening intently to the exchange between them and their greatly suffering friend. My reading plan is […]

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Grab Bag Friday!!

My daily reading plan had no passages for today. Looks like we will jump back into Genesis tomorrow. The verse of the day was from James and I will offer a few simple thoughts on that later. What I thought I would do was put together a Smörgåsbord of silliness. Just some fun for Friday. Here are […]

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Emulating Noah

I have begun waking up early and having a regular time of Bible reading every morning. That was the first step. Now that I have found it possible (and truly, rather easy) to soak in the Word before the sun rises, my next step will be better using that precious time to reflect and listen. […]

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