A Difficult Situation

For those of us who are completely committed Against Trump, if he secures the nomination, then there is little but a Pyrrhic victory we could then accomplish. For, in saving the country from Trump, we would hand it over to Hillary. There is no lesser of two evils here. Neither one is acceptable or palatable…

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A New Post

Are we really already talking about the 2016 election??

Is this RightWay guy really offering his goofy opinions about that??

Ah well. C’est la vie.

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What is Your Political Philosophy?

What is Your Political Philosophy?   Some Election Day ponderings for you. I am purposely staying away from any predictions or analysis of the actual elections happening today, and instead want to focus on a bigger picture. So, please indulge me in a bit of active thinking.      I also feel the urgent need to […]

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A Very Important Post

     I have taken a long, long sabbatical from blogging. (Read: I have been far too lazy to post anything for the past 3 months). But, the serious nature of the following subject compels me to write. This is a topic of tremendous importance and simply not one I can ignore any longer.      I […]

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