A More Civilized Age: Episode 1, “Hodgepodge Hoedown”

I have submitted this to iTunes, etc…but thought I would put it up here as well while it is being reviewed.


A new venture… I am going to try a podcast that is mostly about movies…with a little bit extra thrown in every now and then.

I have some ideas to expand this show even further and incorporate some neat things….so stay tuned for that.

Here is a link to the first episode. I am a rank amateur…so the sound engineering and flow of the program have a lot of room for improvement. But, it is decent for a first try… at least I think so.




Episode 1 of A More Civilized Age, a podcast about Movies…with a little extra thrown in every now and then.

Today’s episode explores the plans and structure that this podcast will use. We also do a little Armchair Imagineering in regards to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


Theme music is Stars at War by Raphael Music – raphaelmusic.de


Also, credit where credit is due: thought this topic was original to my thoughts back in January of 2015, in the past year as I have listened to the following podcasts: The Thirty20Eight, Jiminy Crickets!, WEDway Radio, and WDW Radio… my thoughts were fine tuned, influenced, refined, and further inspired by the work and content of those fine podcasts.






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