A Difficult Situation

It is a difficult situation we now find ourselves in. Trump may well and truly have a ceiling of around 35% (as was predicted months and months ago). In actual votes he has received almost exactly that percentage. As you can see from my handy-dandy spreadsheet that I am updating whenever new results comes in:

pop total

Unfortunately, it is looking as though he may be able to ride that paltry 35% all the way to a nomination.

A full study and explanation of that result will likely be attempted by many who are paid to do so (and many more who are not, but think they should be) in the months and perhaps years to come. The titles will be some variation of “Causes of the Collapse of American Society”… or for those who would become Trump’s sycophants, lackeys, and (goose-stepping) boot-lickers (and there appear to be far too many who fit that description) their awestruck tomes may just as well be patterned after a title such as “Dear Leader Trump and the Glorious Art of Winning”.

For those of us who are completely committed Against Trump, if he secures the nomination, then there is little but a Pyrrhic victory we could then accomplish. For, in saving the country from Trump, we would hand it over to Hillary. There is no lesser of two evils here. Neither one is acceptable or palatable…whether one holds one nose while voting or not. A truer statement of our beliefs would be #NeverTrumpOrHillary . A Trump vs. Hillary contest would, for me, result in a None-of-the-Above vote with a write-in candidate. And I would do so, fully justified and without a bit of hesitation or doubt.

Pathos would abound within me, of course, but the calm reassurance of This Too Shall Pass (from a Christian perspective) would begin to buffet the sadness. And with a firm reliance on the mercy of God, I would look forward – in humble dependence on our Creator – to whatever Hell on Earth that Clin-Trump would bring forth.

This isn’t stoicism….far from it. We know that God is on His throne. He gives us over to our own selfishness and evil at times…and perhaps, He will be giving America over to ourselves again. Times will be tough under either a Clinton or a Trump…for some of the same reasons, but perhaps in some different ways as well. But, it is the same culture rot which will have given rise to whichever of them is ascendant come November. We never get exactly what we deserve, since we have an unbelievably merciful God….but sometimes, He allows us to have a taste.

There exists, however, a strange fluidness (fluidity?) to past, present and future. While an Omniscient God clearly knows all things and, because of His Omnipotence is also the Author of all things good (and Allower of all things, period), He has chosen, in His infinite Will and Wisdom to let us live out a weird (to us, anyway) hybrid existence that is at once either Free Will or Destiny and still both at the same time.

All that to say that *some* things are not carved in stone. And the things that are, often leave us a lot of wiggle room as to how exactly we get there.

So, perhaps a Trump-Hillary disaster is avoidable. If so, we should all do our part to stop this Train of Damnation.

I’m not sure exactly what that means we need to do… except that we must pray.

Trump’s supporters have been taught to believe the lie that Traditional Conservatism is just as culpable for their “problems” as is Modern Liberalism. But, far worse than that, his supporters are being programmed to favor Trumpism over their faith if ever the two are at odds.

And they truly do not want to hear this, and they get extremely upset, even violently so, when this is pointed out….but, the heart of what is animating his popularity can be summed up with a translation of his slogan… it is much more like “Make America White Again”. And it is not some simple, reactionary, 1950’s “Apple Pie and America” nostalgia. It is far more insidious and dangerous and has far more in common with Aryanism and our own White Nationalism than it does with a ‘misremembering’ (and misinterpreting) of our mid-20th century past.

So, yes… for those who don’t want to hear this, I went with the nuclear option and you can feel free to invoke Godwin’s Law to cover your own ignorance and complete lack of self-understanding. Some things can be sugar-coated, but some things should never be. And furthermore, yes, if you support Trump (even while claiming he is the lesser of two evils) you are a participant in giving voice and power to a fascist and racist movement that has found it beneficial to use Trump’s flim-flam operation in order to gain legitimacy.

For those of us whose eyes are open, let’s pray that God delivers us from this coming disaster. And if He has chosen to give America over to the depravity within our National Heart, then let us pray for the strength of conviction to stand against injustice while humbly submitting ourselves fully to God.


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