Missed Milestones


It is perhaps somewhat fitting that a couple significant blog milestones passed by me while I was not paying attention. I am generally the “wait… what’d I miss?” guy. It is somewhat strange to be both mildly oblivious and keenly introspective at the same time. But, I guess that’s me.


In addition, it is true that in the whole scheme of things, these milestones do not contain earth-shattering importance. But, nonetheless, I think they are kind of cool. And (as is my running joke here) this is my blog, and I want to write about them… so I’m gonna write about them.


· On August 16, 2013, I posted my 100th Blog Entry since creating this RightWay site through WordPress.


· October 19, 2013 marked the 3-Year Anniversary of RightWay’s existence.



In these three years and 100 some-odd posts now, I think I have had some fairly entertaining and hopefully somewhat intelligent and insightful comments. Among the few gems, there are also many failed thoughts and serious mis-steps. Sometimes, I was just flat out wrong about things.


But, all in all, I guess I am humbly proud of the body of my writing and ideas contained here at RightWay. It’s not award-winning, professional, or widely-read… but it is mine, so… there’s that.


I’m not sure exactly how many words I have offered up here at RightWay, but there have been many. Some I made up, and some, I am sure, I used wrongly. But words have always been some of my dearest companions. My challenge is to not retreat into the world of the written word. There is so much life to actually live.

I do not wish to neglect my amazing wife or either of our incredible children… so, I am seeking that good balance. It’s been quite a while since I have posted anything, so, maybe I erred on the side of caution. And in truth, I wouldn’t trade any of the time I spent with my family for a million silly blog posts I could write.


But, here is to a 2014 that will be full of a fully lived life (hopefully with a few blog posts thrown in there as well)!  


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