My Immigration Post

Working on a follow up.. but here is an introduction which I posted back in February of this year…


[Ed. note/word of warning: to the ‘too long/didn’t read’ crowd. Just leave now. To everyone else, this is a little more lengthy than a lot of my posts, but hopefully worth the read]

Word Choice provides a remarkable amount of rhetorical ‘oomph’. Simply designating certain terms to people, objects, or ideas can oft get more across to your audience than by rambling on, point after point. But how we choose to label things also presents a problem in any heated discussion. You see, the terms we choose for labeling purposes tend to expose our biases and points of view.

Furthermore, by choosing certain terms, we assign a subjective meaning to a person, object, or idea. In this way, two people may be ostensibly discussing the same subject – but their word choice actually reveals that they are talking about two different things. I am straying dangerously close to relativism…

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