#WAR and Consequences

#WAR and Consequences


“Tact is the knack of making a point without making an enemy.”

– Isaac Newton


“It’s not your business model that sucks, it’s you that sucks”

– Andrew Breitbart


The Legacy

     The world lost its famous Happy Warrior on March 1st, 2012. Andrew Breitbart cut his teeth learning from Matt Drudge and working with Arianna Huffington– and then launched his own media and journalistic juggernaut. Breitbart’s BIG websites have continued his tireless fight against the mainstream media complex and the Left Wing establishment (to borrow a joke, ‘but… I repeat myself’).


     Breitbart took the world by storm and had even bigger things in mind before his very untimely death at the age of 43. The intense memory of his excitement, passion, and uncompromising conservatism looms large in all of our current debates. In a sense, we are all playing on Breitbart’s terms nowadays. His influence cannot be understated.


     And yet, I wonder if his paradigm was ever designed to become the ‘new normal’. At its core, the Breitbart call to action is a reaction to far too long a stretch of unanswered ridicule towards the Right. Now, with much credit due to Mr. Breitbart, we are fighting back at long last. We understand the tactics of the Left, and by golly, we are now using those same tactics against it. All’s fair in love and #WAR.


     My fear is that we are fast becoming nothing more than parodies of the Alinsky-ized Left. And while this is humorous in a strange sort of way, I don’t see how it can become a long term strategy. Perhaps we’ve just become too good at ridicule and snark. We’ve advanced further and faster than first anticipated and we don’t really have an exit strategy


Winning the #WAR but losing the peace?

     No Conservative who has any bit of sense regards the Professional Left very highly or thinks that our efforts to combat the vitriol they spew at us will end up changing their hearts and minds. The real aim of our battle was at first to head off lies with truth. Breitbart and others saw an opportunity to open up an Offensive front to that battle. And now we have adopted a “they started it” mantra. But shouldn’t our actual aim be to win people over to Conservative views?


     In Twitter and on political blog comment sections, there has begun a pushback to the more vitriolic Righties amongst us. We now see terms like “Outrage Pimp” and “Conservative Establishment” popping up to (usually gently, sometimes not) mock the Breitbart-ized factions of Right-Wing-ism. And this has led to a lot of unfortunate internecine squabbling.

     To be honest, I have taken both the Outrage Pimp as well as the Squishy Moderate route (sometimes on the same day) so I am not Puuurre either way. But, I think we need to regroup and refocus if we truly want to spread Conservatism.


     In other words, let’s move onto Phase Two of the #WAR. Anger and indignation (even if it’s righteous) are powerful tools… in the short-term. The truth is, even though some of us think we are now fighting an Offensive Front when we scream at and ridicule the Left, we are actually still on the Defensive.


      My suggestion is that we draw back a little on the Outraged end of things and start simply doing a better job of explaining Conservatism and it’s proven societal (and individual) benefits.


     If we want to be taken seriously, we have to understand that becoming the Alinsky-ized Right is not the best approach.


     Fight on, Happy Warriors… but do so with the long-term view in mind.




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