Holy Cow, It’s 2013

Holy Cow it’s 2013

Guten Tag, you few, you daring, you Readers of RightWay.

Long time no post. My apologies for that! I believe there are 4 actual posts I hade in Draft form and roughly 77.3 ideas in my head that I had desired to post since my last offering (which was apparently on 11-28-12).

For a fresh start to the New Year, I have scrapped those Drafts and scuttled my remaining 77.3 ideas. But, still, before I start anew with ramblings in 2013, I wanted to revisit some of these discarded thoughts. In an effort to clear out the Writer’s Trunk in my mind, I would like to present some random notions. They are mostly complete thoughts, but not expanded into full “post—length. The topics range greatly, so, hold on tight out there. Prepare to bounce from here to there (and sometimes back again).

2012 Election Post-Mortem

The first rule of the RightWay Ahead program is: Remain Calm. Three things for Conservatives to remember ahead:

1) This was not a landslide election

a. The President received 5 million more votes than Governor Romney. 129 million total votes were cast. Landslide? Not hardly.

2) There are not any major racial or non-racial demographic shifts which spell immediate and/or permanent doom for either the Republican Party or the Conservative cause

a. Suggesting that ethnic groups will always vote in a bloc is shortsighted at best, racist at worst.

3) The electorate remains divided at roughly 50/50 just as it has been for the past 12+ years

a. A Democratic President and Senate and a Republican House. The public simply chose the Status Quo.

Ignoring these facts will make us prone to knee-jerk and outrageous reactions.

Newtown Tragedy

When something bad happens, humans have an innate desire to do…something. These feelings stem from the dawning realization that there is something wrong in this world… that things are not quite right. For a Christian, the choice of what exactly to do in response to things being out of whack is calmingly clear. It reminds us that Evil is the way of this world. We can shake our fists at the sky all we want, but we were the makers of our own depraved society. All we can truly do is fall on our knees before a Holy and Mighty God and ask for His help to cleanse our own lives so that we can then attempt to reflect the Love of His Son (Jesus Christ) in more profound ways. We learn to rely on God and this illuminates the fact that the only Peace we can find in this foreign and temporary World is within His Grace. And so, we Pray, we Love, we Help. That, to me is the most natural way for a Christian to react to tragedies like Newtown.

The non-Christian has that same realization that our World is somehow broken. But they often believe that man is capable of fully fixing it. In our modern American society, the non-Christian tends to fall on their knees before a god made in their own image – Government. And so, they look to leaders to pass laws.

What they fail to realize is that no law can prevent evil. But still, some people have to find things, people, or institutions to blame. We humans feel better when we can blame something and then proceed to demonize it. It gives us a sense of triumph and superiority. It is an (albeit empty) way to hide our fear that the world is, indeed, simply evil.

Plan B

With the passage of the ridiculously dumb “Fiscal Cliff Deal” on January 2nd 2013, my initial reaction to the failure of Boehner’s Plan B appears to have been correct: “Yay for Conservatives… oh… but um…. Crap.” I was shocked that it failed… but instead of feeling happy about the (obviously) Pyrrhic victory, I instinctively knew that defeating this measure would prove to be a short-sighted mistake. I would say, “I Told You So”… but I guess I never actually Told anyone to begin with.

A Journey, Unexpected, but Marvelous

Finally got a change to see the first of the Hobbit movies on December 29 th of 2012. The Critics weren’t kind to it… but they are rarely kind to the movies I like. No 48-FPS theatre in my area, so we skipped 3-D altogether and saw the good old fashioned regular version.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is a look at Middle Earth just prior to Sauron unleashing his plan to re-dominate the world (which we see played out in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy). It’s a dangerous place, to be sure, but not quite dripping with evil and dread like it soon becomes. The whimsy of the Hobbit story makes it a much more objectively enjoyable experience than it’s more serious and deeper follow-ups. Peter Jackson , cast and crew capture this sense of wonderment perfectly and do a good job of remaining true to both the cinematic legacy of The Lord of the Rings as well as Tolkien’s actual story.

I am hoping to see it again… maybe this weekend. On an odd side note: The Hobbit was number one at the box office for three weeks in a row… but was just dethroned last weekend… by… The Texas Chainsaw Massacre in    3-D. We are a weird people.


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