The Potential Promise of a Romney Presidency

As Christians, we know that all of the world’s affairs are in the hands of God. He will allow to happen whatever He wills. His plans are not our plans and human wisdom is utter foolishness to Him. Regarding God, it can be said with unyielding confidence, Father always knows best.

All that being said, He still gave us Reason and Free Will.

It is because of that I believe that God has allowed us to choose our own civil government. He does not appoint our President or Congress. Interpreting Romans 13 to mean that God ordains and chooses our President hearkens back to the Divine Right of Kings and other such silliness.

There’s a difference between what God wills and what He allows.  

All that preface was simply meant to convey that it is possible to hold that God is in control while at the same time using the Reason He granted us to come to conclusions about the good and bad consequences of what we choose to do.


In this case, I wanted to suggest my estimation of what we could get with a Romney victory on November 6.

Most of what follows is taken almost verbatim from a few comments I made in response to some criticism of Romney that popped up on a link I had previously posted.

Argument 1: “Would Romney’s ‘fixes’ cost us too much as a nation?”

All fixes come with a cost. The same results can be reached in a myriad of different ways. Our economy can be repaired using quite a variety of methods. That’s why it is good we have Romney as the Republican nominee. He is not an ideologue. He doesn’t have the same anti-government, right-wing impulses that I and a lot of vociferous denizens of Internet postings have… and that’s a good thing!

For those FiscalCons who are worried, he’s got a reasonable but firm deficit-hawk in Ryan to steer us in a more economically responsible manner. But, Romney doesn’t really owe any political favors. He’s not beholden to Conservatives like me, or to Liberals. He will win this election because he was able to capture the non-political vote.  That non-political voting bloc is largely center-right in makeup. They are results oriented and willing to try different things to get to what works.

They tried Obama in 2008, and since he failed to match his own rhetoric with actual results, they are shifting in large numbers to Romney.

So, the only real consideration Romney will have is to produce the results to get us back on track. Those requirements match his temperament and mind-set perfectly.


Argument #2: “Romney won’t stop our rising debt”

I think debt will be dramatically slowed in Romney’s first term, but yes, it will continue to rise. By the end of his second term, we will start to see the debt reduced. The country just simply doesn’t have the will to accept severe Austerity measures. And it can be argued that drastic spending cuts would actually prevent the economic growth that we need. Since we are still in the midst of a recovery (and on the verge of another recession) spending cuts need to be balanced with pro-growth policies. When we are back on track, we can look at severe cuts in spending.

In the meantime, efforts can be put in place to address the long-term spending problems we have when it comes to our entitlement programs. And that’s where Ryan fits in.


Argument #3: “How could Romney ever be considered a good President?”

Mitt Romney is positioned to become one of our Great Presidents. The Man and the Moment are meeting. He could still blow it… Obama certainly did. Obama set himself up as a center-left, reasonable, optimistic, non-political ‘uniter’. Unfortunately, underneath his rhetoric lay the personality of a left-wing ideologue partisan who wanted to fundamentally transform America, rather than actually fix our problems and bring us together.

The good news about Romney is that whilst he has seemingly taken up the mantle of moderate optimist that Obama used in 2008, there is no partisan ideologue lurking underneath his surface like there is with our current President.

Under Romney, we will stop our attempted national transformation into a quasi-European model of centralized planning. But we aren’t going to go to the opposite end of the spectrum with some kind of ‘every man for himself’ Libertarian Utopia.

Rather, we will settle into our national character of being a center-right nation:

–          eschewing the excesses of either extreme.

–          slowly returning to a Constitutionally-based understanding of the role of Federal Government

–          protecting America’s interests abroad without slipping into imperialism

–          maintaining a strong domestic Safety Net for those who fall through society’s cracks

–          get on track to have federal expenditures equal federal revenue

If he can do all that (yes, huge If, but he is positioned to have the potential to do so), then, by golly yes, he will go down in History as one of our Great Presidents.

Please forgive the hastily ornganized nature of this post. If it’s intent or execution is muddled, I am truly sorry. All I can ask is that you look at those three arguments together. They overlap somehwhat and at other points seem unrelated. But, together, in summation, they paint a picture.

They are the potential promise of a Romney Presidency.

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