Patriarchs – The Cliff Notes Version

Genesis 14-50

With God’s help, I have remained fairly faithful in my daily reading.

At the same time, my daily posting about the reading has kind of fallen by the wayside. While actually doing the reading is the important thing, writing about it is also key for me. Posting my thoughts and impressions helps  to focus on what was read and delve into it by opening up to what the Lord may be trying to reveal.

My lack of Daily Bible Reading posts is partially due to scheduling failures on my part…but also due to not being certain what I was being taught.

So, I tried to go back to the long view…the big picture (I guess I am a Forest guy who tends to ignore the trees a bit too much). What is it I hope to do? When faced with problems to solve, my nature is to try and organize the situation as best I can. I am, by no means, some supreme logician, nor do I worship at the altar of Reason and all things Rational like many in the Enlightenment did.

Rather, this method of breaking things down into separate elements is mainly a result of my inability to operate too heavily in the abstract. Though it would be nice to consider myself a devotee of Aristotelian thought, the facts of my thinking are much simpler than Plato’s greatest student came up with.

With that being said, I invite you to journey with me as I attempt to solve my dilemma (which, at this point, due to my poor writing style, you have probably already forgotten). What is my purpose in sharing thoughts about what i am reading in the Bible?

  1. To reflect and meditate upon what was read
  2. To write
  3. To share with others the insights which I feel are being revealed

So that is why I am attempting to do this. 1 and 2 have certainly not been keeping me from posting. Therefore purpose #3 must be the sticking point. You see, the truth has been that I really don’t think I have any great insight to begin with. That’s not a dig at myself, rather it is simply an acknowledgement of my belief that all wisdom and revelation comes from God. So, in essence, I’m just not getting it. The problem may be:

  1. I’m simply not listening
  2. There is nothing to learn
  3. God desires to keep understanding from me

Option 2 is nonsense, and Option 3 is likewise not probable. Ergo [am I allowed to say ‘ergo’ without sounding pompous? I hope so. It’s just a fun word to say. Say it with me… Ergo. See, wasn’t that fun? OK. Fine. I’ll find another word…] Consequently [party-poopers], Option 1 is the most reasonable explanation.

We then move on to figuring out how to solve the problem of Option 1. My simple answer? I have no Earthly idea.


I’ve been overthinking what I’ve been reading. Looking for insight through my own understanding. And as I mentioned previously, since I am at best a 2nd or 3rd rate thinker [and that is being quite self-generous], it makes sense that I was able to read the last 36 chapters of Genesis without having a clue what to write about.

These are the stories of the Patriarchs.

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph. We go through the episodes of God calling Abraham to sacrifice Isaac and then providing a ram to substitute. Isaac and Rebekah. Jacob and Esau. Jacob and Leah and Rachel. Jacobs twelve sons. Joseph and his [mutil-color Dream] coat. Joseph in Egypt. Joseph and Potiphar. Potiphar’s wife. Joseph in prison. Joseph and dreams. Joseph and Pharoah. Joseph reunited with his brothers. Joseph’s forgiveness of his brothers. Jacob coming to Egypt to be with Joseph at last. And much much more. Needless to say there is plenty of good material there. There are plenty of lessons in the lives of these men and women that we can learn from. They were honest, they were deceitful, they were fair, they were selfish, they were wicked, they were righteous. They were human.

They lived, loved, laughed, cried, fought, lied, grew, and died on this Earth. They did this in the presence of God the Father. The only difference between us and them is that we have the revelation of Jesus and the presences of the Holy Spirit. ‘Epically’ altering developments, to be sure. But, our shared humanity remains as an unbroken connection between ourselves and the Patriarchs and their families.

And yet…

I’ve got nuthin’.

So, now I am left with the task of redefining my purpose in sharing these thoughts on readings from the Bible.

Hard to believe it after reading a convoluted post like this, but I believe I have a penchant for spelling out concepts in ways that people can latch on to. It’s a Gift… but only when it works. When it doesn’t, it is because I tried to boil things down using my own understanding. WordPress is telling me I am now 828 words into this sucker, so it’s best I try to conclude. The Producer in my mind is waving his arms frantically off-stage, urging me to wrap it up.


Ending now feels inconclusive, as I have not truly resolved any of the issues I raised for myself.

And yet…

That may be the answer I seek.


I shouldn’t be trying to come up with clever insights about what I am reading. Instead, I should simply share my thoughts and questions, as unedited as possible. That was, after all, the initial path I was planning on treading when I first decided to devote more of my posts to matters of Christian living.

That, then, is what I will do.

So, if you have somehow survived the trip through this confusing post, I hereby invite you to travel with me on a larger Journey. It will be rough and as unpolished as I can possibly make it (I guess that means foregoing “ergo’s”… and probably “foregoing’s” as well). But, we are about to embark from Egypt and our final destination is Paradise. From Exodus to Revelation, it will be a grand Journey, my friends. Your ticket is free – merely a simple click. I look forward to traveling with all those who want to come along.


Here’s to the Great Adventure!


[a ‘Tally-Ho’ is a bit anachronistic and silly-sounding, but darn it, if it isn’t appropriate. So, I will forego forced informality and modern vocabulary and simply let one rip]


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