Beware the coming narrative….

I hate to post something as base as this on a Sunday. But this is something that needs to get out there. My loyal small cadre of readers (hi mom) please consider these thoughts and look for and promote similar conclusions.

I know I am not going to be the first to realize this, so surely someone has made the case more effectively and eloquently than I will. Look for those and share them.

Here’s the bottom line:

Romney is gaining momentum and has most likely actually been leading through the entire summer. Barring some ridiculously improbable change, Romney is not only going to win in November, but win decisively.

The left has figured this out by now.

They are starting to lay down the groundwork for a new rhetorical battle approach once Obama loses.

They are going to cry foul and claim fraud. This is possibly their backup plan they have had for a while. That would explain their fervent skewing of the polls to make it look like Romney has been a little behind Obama. This way, when Romney wins as big as it seems he is going to, they can say that it isn’t possible… that there has to have been manipulation and Romney’s election is fraudulent.

This will of course be nonsense.

But the 45% of the electorate or so who will vote for Obama may irrationally find those arguments appealing, simply because their guy lost.

And then we will have all those 10s of millions of people who did not vote, but who choose not to like Romney for one reason or another. The loud (if patently false) screams of fraud may appeal to them as well.

What we may wake up to in the week after the election is a rowdy mob of people refusing to acknowledge that Obama lost. That seems to be the cynical game plan of those in the Left who can see the writing on the wall.

Prior to 1860 and then after 1868 and forward, our presidential elections, even the hotly contested ones, ended with smooth transitions of power.

I fear that it is possible that after Romney wins, we will have to talk down the misinformed mob.

That’s why it is important to keep insisting that Obama is not in reality in the lead right now. If it is close, then it is still with Romney in the lead.

Hammer this point home.
We cannot allow the narrative the left is preparing to take root.

Do everything you can to spread the word.

We must avoid the possibility of people being falsely persuaded that Romney could only have won through fraud.

I see a coming storm. But I have to believe we can avoid it.

Let’s destroy this false narrative now.

[update 3:20 pm]

I just wanted to clarify a bit in case I was not clear. The President won’t be behind any kind of rebellion or uprising after he loses. President Obama is many things, but evil is not one of them. He seems to be a generally pleasant fellow, but his rise and fall have taken on near Greek tragedy levels. His tragic flaw was his hubris, which allowed him to start actually believing the hype that surrounded him. He is nothing more than a typical far left winger… but he bought into the nonsense that he was going to be some kind of transformational figure in American politics. He misread his election as being some kind of mandate for fundamentally transforming America into something more like the modern socialist Nation States in Europe. To that end, I kind of feel sorry for the guy. He was ill-prepared for the country to turn on him because he actually believed he was elected to lead a march into some kind of left wing utopia.

All that being said, there are hardcore left wingers out there who will be the perpetrators of a smear campaign against a Romney victory. They would rather America go up in flames than to admit that this is a Center-Right country.


3 thoughts on “Beware the coming narrative….

  1. I don’t know if I completely agree with the level of naïveté you ascribe to Obama, RW.
    Some days I do, some I don’t.

    He has done too many things which indicate more than hubris: they tell of someone that has ill intentions for our country. I’ve written long and loud about many of them. They are legion.

    Regardless, of course, I do ultimately agree with your conclusion. This election needs to be decisive. Clear. Conclusive.

    And then, …the real work will need to begin.


    1. There’s no doubt Obama wanted to ‘fundamentally transform’ the country. And I am sure he didn’t mind letting some bad things happen in order to achieve his goals. But, it’s just a gut feeling I have that Obama is not the hardcore revolutionary type.


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