The rest of the 10-3-12 Debate…

My apologies for being slow. Even though we are a mere three days past the original airing of the 1st Presidential Debate, the country has been inundated with thoughts and analysis about Wednesday night ad nauseam.

It would be more than presumptuous to believe I have any unique perspective to offer at this point… so my completing my original task is but a mere rhetorical duty at this point. I am striving to keep my word in both small and large things… in everything I do. Therefore, since I said I would post my “Communicated Transcript” of the debate, I shall do so.

But, now I am in a painfully ‘unserious’ mood, so I cannot promise a pure reporting without some unnecessary silliness here and there. Take that warning for what it is worth…

 [author’s note: In the light of the afternoon, I am feeling slightly less ‘unserious’, so I am going to alter this one a bit. In the original there were many more silly pictures, but in the new and improved version, I will try to bring it a little more in line with my previous posting on the debate. Thanks for your understanding]

SEGMENT TWO – Deficit and Debt

Romney: Deficit is a moral issue. There are generally three ways to cut debt. 1) Raise Taxes 2) Cut Spending 3) Grow Economy. I (Romney) want to combine options 2 and 3. Cut unneeded programs. Send lots of federal programs to the states. Cut size of Federal Government.

Obama: It’s all Bush’s fault. Oh, and Romney’s approach is unbalanced. And… let me be clear, it’s all Bush’s fault.

Honestly, that’s what his answer boiled down to.

Romney: The President should have latched onto some of the suggestions from the Simpson-Bowles committee. Why don’t I want to raise any taxes? The President himself said it best in 2010 when he stated: raising taxes in a recession is a bad idea.

Obama: There has to be revenue in addition to cuts. Big Oil is evil. We give to many tax breaks to successful companies. We give companies tax breaks for taking jobs overseas.

Romney: There are no Tax Breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. What are you talking about, Mr. President?

SEGMENT THREE – Entitlements

Obama: The basic structure of Social Security is sound. It just needs some tweaking.

Romney: The President has cut $716 Billion from Medicare payments. I don’t want to change anything for current or near retirees.

Obama: Romney wants vouchers for Medicare. Repealing ObamaCare only benefits insurance companies.

Romney: People should make their own healthcare choices.

Obama: Vouchers are evil.

… AT this point in the debate, poor Jim Lehrer tried to reign in the President but ended up sounding more like Milton from Office Space …

SEGMENT FOUR (?…i think) – Level of Federal Regulation

Romney: Regulation is essential in a market economy. However, it can become excessive. Dodd-Frank has some major unintended consequences.

Obama: The reason we had the financial crisis was because of deregulation.

Romney: Dodd-Frank has a couple decent features…but overall, well, it’s just plain dumb.

SEGMENT… aw heck, how can keep them clear at this point anyway… – Healthcare

Romney: I will repeal Obamacare and replace it with something that makes sense. Obamacare is expensive, Obamacare cuts Medicare payments, Obamacare gives power over health choices to an unelected board. 75% of small business owners have said that Obamacare negatively affects their hiring plans. What we did in Massachusetts was craft a plan at the state level that works for Massachusetts. That’s the approach I favor: crafting plans at the state level that work for that state.

Obama: Obamacare doesn’t affect pre-existing insurance. Romneycare worked, so Obamacare should too.

Romney: In Massachusetts, Republicans and Democrats worked together to to pass our healthcare bill. In contrast, Obamacare had exactly zero Republican votes. And believe me, there are differences between Romneycare and Obamacare.

Obama: Romneycare and Obamacare are the same thing. Romney’s current plan is bad.

Romney: No, it’s not. Bottom line is that the private market mixed with personal responsibility works best every time.

Obama: Oh yeah, well… you haven’t given us any details. Just vague generalities.

This was a curious accusation coming from a man who was elected for no other reason than Hope… and maybe a little Change.

Romney: I will work like Reagan… by laying out principles and a vision and then working with Congress to hammer out the details and make it happen. Romneycare is a model for the nation only in the sense that each state should be allowed to take the approach which will work best for it. Lemme give a shoutout to the 10th Amendment.

SEGMENT WHATEVER – Role of Government

Obama: Keep people safe, build ladders of opportunity.

Romney: Best answer of the night. See here (towards the end of my previous debate post, I put the transcript of Romney’s answer about the role of government). Also, regarding education: the primary power in education should be held at the local and state level. Federal money should be used to allow school choice.

Obama: Federal Government has a significant role to play in public education and to make college more affordable. Romney hates eduction. And children too.

Romney: Mr. President, you are entitled to your own house and your own plane… but not to your own facts. And, just as a point of fact, the $90 Billion your administration gave to promote Green Jobs could have hired 2 million teachers.

Partisan Gridlock

Romney: I would work across the aisle. I want to work together with Congress – not to compromise principles, but because of the common ground.

Obama: I will take ideas from anywhere. But, sometimes, I had to say No.


Obama: Four years ago, we faced a major crisis. Now I am going to sound like Reagan for about 30 seconds… but when that is up, I will go back to revealing that my faith lies in Federal Government.

Romney: I am concerned about the direction America has been heading, especially over the past four years. There are two different paths. Look at Obama’s record and then allow me to be a contrast.


If in my version of the transcript it seems that Romney had more to say, that wasn’t the actual case. He simply got more across with less time. Obama actually had about 4 minutes more of speaking time that night, but really didn’t actually say much.

The hands down opinion across the board seems to be that Romney won the debate quite decisively. My initial response was that it was more of a draw. But, now I am thinking that was only because I was consciously trying to be non-partisan to a fault. When I look back at my notes and remove the filter of magnanimity, I have to say… yeah, Romney aced it and the President looked bad.

I am looking forward to the VP Debate. I have a feeling that Joe “Foot-In-Mouth” Biden won’t disappoint.

For now, this is RightWay signing off…


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