On “The Innocence of Muslims”

To anyone paying attention to what is going on, it is abundantly clear that the silly, cheaply-made “Innocence of Muslims” youtube video was nothing more than a red herring. It was used as a cover for a coordinated string of terrorist attacks against U.S. embassies and consulates beginning on the 11th anniversary of 9/11 and still continuing.

Here is my take on how the planning went:


al-Zawahiri: I am getting tired of running from the infidels. All work and no play makes al-Zawahiri a dull jihadist. Hey, you, entertain me.

Abdul: How about a friendly wager?

al-Zawahiri: Gambling is forbidden by Allah. But, what the Jahannam? I am bored. What’s the deal?

Abdul: How’se about this, oh Supreme Leader, I will bet you that if we tell the Americans we are angry about that silly youtube video that came out many months ago, they will blame the video after we execute our upcoming attacks on their embassies.

al-Zawahiri: What nonsense, Abdul. The infidels are unenlightened to the Truth… but they are not stupid. I take that back. They treat their women as equals. They truly are dumb for not subjugating their females like we do. But, still…

Abdul: Does that mean you won’t take the wager?

al-Zawahiri: Don’t be silly. It is a sure bet. I still say American’s aren’t that stupid. Of course I will take it.


Abdul has now been assigned to Suicide Bomber Duty since al-Zawahiri was angered by losing the bet.

But seriously, people…

Why is the U.S. Government insiting that the recent terrorist attacks were because of a youtube video?

Why is the U.S. Government wasting time and money trying to hunt down the producer of this shoddy video?

Why isn’t the American Left standing up for Free Speech?

Why are the American Media and the American Left so easily fooled into becoming ‘Useful Idiots’?

We may never know.

One thought on “On “The Innocence of Muslims”

  1. Or maybe Alqida funded this film as a pretext for a future attack. It was only translated to Arabic recently. It tests our commitment to free speech, pisses off the Muslim world and provides cover for attacks. Seems like it was effective if it originated from them.


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