Of Tempests and Town Councils

Of Tempests and Town Councils

Today we, the citizens of Pike Road, are having our municipal elections. We are voting for Mayor as well as our 5-member Town Council. To say that this was a contested and contemptuous election process would be an understatement. In poetically related news, (a now) Hurricane Isaac brews and putts through the Gulf.
As though the two were existentially linked, it appears our election (like Isaac the Irritating) will be a lot of tempest in a pot of Tea (Party).

Both ‘sides’ claimed the mantle of Conservatism… which is comforting to me that they even desired to do so. And as far as these things go, they both could be right. A bit discomforting, however, were the competing claims about the other side’s positions. They couldn’t both be correct… so at least one side has been stretching the truth at best.

Whomever it was that first called the months leading up to an election ‘Silly Season’ deserves an award for alarming accuracy. Even at the local level we can get caught up in unreasoned passions and make fools of ourselves. My own sillness came out to play late last week. I sent a nasty-gram to all the incumbents that was long on cheekiness and short on civilized discourse.

Thankfully, one of them was too kind and wrote me back in a calm and thoughtful manner that I did not deserve. This incident, and my wise wife’s clear-headed admonition about the tone of the message, has caused me to do a great deal of reflection.

I must admit that a lot of my writing as of late is just a tinge too pointed. I desire to reflect Christ, and that is hard to do when spouting unneeded zingers. So, forthwith I shall attempt to temper my own tempest of words.

My apologies to anyone I have offended recently. I guard my tongue with a tremendous amount of tenacious timidity. But sometimes my fingers flow freely with less than phileo-filled folly.

Here is hoping that Isaac fizzles and Pike Road moves forward together with a friendly focus on building not only our community… but also our sense of community.

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