What a Difference a Da(vid Crowder Band) Makes

The road to and from work affords me between 25 and 35 minutes of listening time.

Lately, I’ve been downright A.D.D. when it comes to what I choose to listen to on my drive.

There are days when 107.9 is tuned on the radio and I catch Greg Budell on his morning show…then on my way home, I tune in and get Greg Budell on his afternoon show. (hardest working man on radio?)

But mostly, I use my nifty Bluetooth FM tuner and my handy iPhone and with them, pry open Pandora’s Box. (Or I guess Pandora’s App would be more correct).

Perhaps its my Weird Al or Tim Hawkins station.

I also made an Abbott and Costello station recently.

Other times, its my Straight No Chaser station or Film Scores station.

Lately, I’ve been on a Simon and Garfunkel station kick and splitting my time between that and my Journey station.

Occasionally, I kick back with my Colbie Caillat station (but only after Jennifer made me stop saying “Colbie Cal-il-latt” and informed me that it was pronounced “Cal-lay”).

And there is always time for my Broadway Showtunes station.

It is at this point that I could very well make some joking reference to “tastes” and “eclectic”….but that would be terribly cliché and altogether worn out. So, I will not say that my tastes are eclectic… oh wait. (See what I did there?)

But yesterday afternoon I suddenly was nudged to flip from my 80’s Pop station and try to create a new station… a David Crowder Band station.

Now, I suppose that to appreciate what happened next you would have kind of had to be there. And actually, you not only would have had to be there, you would also have kind of had to be me. And if you were me and you were there, then who does that make me right now?

In any case…

The car was suddenly filled with a peace and a lightness. I  felt as though I had found what I’d been missing during my commutes.

Now, music is just music. There is nothing innately spiritual about any song or any band. But, for whatever reason, God chose to speak through the music that afternoon. He didn’t provide any answers. He didn’t reveal some unknown Truth.

Instead, He simply was.

He allowed His presence to be felt.

And it was awesome.

‘Nuff said.

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