Poor, Sweet Julia

It would be silly to combat the nonsense coming from Obama’s campaign with valid counterpoints. To do so, one would have to pretend that what they have to say is worthy of discussion. It is not. 

 Therefore, the only way to answer Obama campaign garbage is to make fun of it… mercilessly:

Life of Julie


Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be “Julia”

I’m honestly floored by this whole Julia web campaign ad for Obama.

I think the guys that made it up are actually serious about it. They truly don’t realize that they have created the perfect political parody. Irony is completely lost on them.

I thought Obama’s team was supposed to be the most clever, savvy bunch of folks around.

I mean, come on… they are just hustling us, right?

This was just meant to make us Government non-Worshippers convinced that Obama’s election team is a bunch of dummies and it will be easier than expected to thwart their propaganda…so we will let our guard down and they will come at us with something that is actually effective and not moronic, right?


Obama’s vision for America truly is for everyone to be completely dependent on the Government?

This is what they think will win people over to Obama?


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