Incumbent Presidents

I have been mulling over the fact that it is generally tough to beat an incumbent President. We have had 56 Presidential elections in our nation’s history. Out of that 56, only 8 or 9 have resulted in an elected incumbent being defeated. (Its 8 or 9 depending on how you fancy trying to reckon the Grover Cleveland–>Benjamin Harrison–>Grover Cleveland merry-go-round years).

Again, an elected incumbent President has only lost 8 or 9 times in the entire history of our country.

In fact, the last time that happened was 20 whole years ago in 1992. I was 13. Many people who will be voting in 2012 weren’t even born yet.

This is what I have been pondering…but then it occurred to me that it actually hasn’t been 20 years since it happened. After all, Obama ran his campaign against George W. Bush and ended up winning in 2008. What is unclear is whether or not Obama understood that Bush wasn’t even on the ballot.

Equally unclear is whether the 69 million people who voted for Obama knew that either. Of course, several of those 69 million votes came from long deceased people. So, its hard to complain. After all, a zombie can hardly be blamed for what it does not know (especially an O-zombie).

Then we must also factor in all the votes that came from terribly confused people. They forgot they had already voted for Obama, so they went ahead and voted for him again. Forgetfulness is not a crime. And some enthusiastic folks out there just simply mistook the joking admonition to “Vote Early, Vote Often” for a literal command.

Bless their hearts.

A Scientific Analysis

So, then I ended up being a lot more hopeful for 2012, since incumbents have recently been sent packing.

Romney for President, America for the Win.

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