Why and Why Not: April 2012 Edition

I am back on the boards again after a brief respite from writing about politics. It was fun (for you) while the break lasted, but I have returned to bother everyone with another nauseating post about The Art of the Possible.

So, allow me to weigh in (yet again) with hard-hitting analysis (read: uninformed bloviating) on the GOP primary race…

I remain a sell-out to the Evil Establishment© and still think that Mitt Romney is our best choice for the 2012 election. (Note to the Evil Establishment©: I am still awaiting my envelopes filled with Monopoly Money. Please deliver soon, or I will have to cease and desist my shilling).

Let’s take another quick look at the remaining candidates –

WHY NOT – Ron Paul

Dr. No is a man of consistent convictions (as long as you ignore his tendency to earmark funds for his district). But, his Principled stands sometimes cross the line into Obstinancy. Some would argue that in order to save the country from ruin, we need to take drastic measures – eg, elect Ron Paul and allow him to dismantle the Executive Branch in a single afternoon. Flapdoodle, I say.

Yes, yes, I know…extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice, moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue (thank you, Mr. Goldwater. Though it should probably be remembered that the full context of that phrase included both liberty at home as well as fighting to spread freedom abroad. Ron Paul would not be amused by the latter sentiment). However, there is a time and a place for everything.

Balance, Wisdom, Process. Those are not bad things.

Presumably, Ron Paul would wish to bring all overseas troops home and close all foreign bases. Desparate measures for desparate times, I suppose. But still, in Paul’s race to ‘unentangle’, there would surely be unintended consequences.

Paul insists he is not an isolationist, but rather a non-interventionist. Tomato, Tomahto I say. Kind of like Liberals asking to be called Progressives instead. Its a little more nuanced than that, of course. Pat Buchanan is a true isolationist. Ron Paul doesn’t seem to mind free trade or legal immigration. So, maybe I will just call him a non-isoventionist.

Paul’s Domesticated Policy throws the litter box out with the poo. The Federal Government has been overreaching since at least 1860. That’s no less than 7 score and 12 years worth of build up to break down (in case anyone was counting). So, Paul would have us go from where we are now back to a truly Constitutional version of the Federal Government quickly. I just don’t see how. It would kind of be like Lady Gaga winning a Dove Award next year. The here to there is miraculous at best.

I’m a Conservative in every sense of the word, so I would prefer a more gradual approach. To me, it is not simply that we need to cut and restructure the Federal Government. That does need to happen. But more important (and to make the changes last) we actually have to change people’s hearts and minds. If you cut the purse strings from today’s entitlement mentality, you wind up like Greece (with lazy good-for-nothings rioting).

We’ve got to change how people think about government. And that’s not going to happen overnight. Put another way, you don’t go from The Edge of Glory to Giving God the Glory very easily or quickly.

I just don’t get the sense that Ron Paul has a plan that will get us from here to there smoothly.

Bring All Our Troops Home From EVERYWHERE!!! OK… what then?

End the FEDERAL RESERVE!!! OK… what then?

His Campaign website offers a vague list of Issues and a few undetailed paragraphs about each one. A lot of what’s there is boilerplate conservatism. My question would then be: so why do 9/11 Truthers and college pot heads like him so much? Most likely, there is some projection going on. But, Paul must have said something to attract these weirdos. He has said other things that attract a lot of very intelligent people. (Most of the smartest people I know lean libertarian and support Ron Paul). Will the real Ron Paul please stand up?

There is just enough crazy crankery lurking beneath his “Hey you kids, get off my lawn” grumpy grandpa exterior to make me think he would not be a successful President (or candidate even!).

Why Not: Newt Gingrich

I’m not even going to dignify this question with a response.

In all seriousness though, Gingrich has always been his own worst enemy. Arguably brilliant, but prone to hubris. There is a certain amount of megalomania that a person needs in order to think they can be President. Gingrich might have just a smidge too much.

Angry Newt made for great entertainment, but Professor Newt was what we needed. There were times when he was able to articulate the Conservative message better than almost anyone I have ever seen. But, his personality flaws were too much to overcome.

I am not really sure why he is still in the race. Perhaps simply because his campaign is deep in debt and he was sticking it out to strike a deal with one of the remaining candidates: “Hey, if you pay my campaign debts, I’ll get out and endorse you.” Who knows? Just speculation on my part.

In any case, its probably time for him to stop being that bad penny.

Why not: Rick Santorum?

Um. Because he is no longer running?

So… today, Senator Santorum suspended his campaign.

Makes it easier for me… less to write.

I wasn’t exactly expecting him to drop out quite yet. But, he cited a re-prioritizing of putting family first as the main reason. I more than respect that.

As much of a whinypants as he could be, Santorum was and is a man of great integrity. I wish him and his family the best and will certainly be praying for little Bella’s health.

Why: Mitt Romney

Process of elimination? Yes… but there’s more.

He is not Obama? Yes, and that’s a BIG reason. But again, there is more.

Here is one of my main reasons: Believe in America

Romney has plans. And detailed ones. And good ones.

No, its not exciting and entertaining. But I am not looking for exciting and entertaining. I am not looking for a firebrand or a super charismatic charmer.

I am looking for the right man for the job.

And with Mitt Romney: the Man, the Message, and the Moment are all coinciding.

They call him a Massachusetts Moderate, a Liberal, a RINO.

I call him the next President of the United States.

With plans like the ones he has put forth and the support of a Conservative Congress, America can finally end this experiment in stupidity we call the Obama Years. It will take time to undo the damage he has done since 2008, as well as the damage the Democrats in Congress have done since 2006, as well as the damage irresponsible Republicans and “Compassionate Conservatism” have done since 2000… BUT, we shall overcome, baby.

Romney for President, America for the Win.

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