Quick Thoughts: 2-13-12

The Republican 2012 Presidential Primary lumbers on.

Santorum surges, Gingrich starts tumbling, Romney remains steady.

Change the first two names and that statement could be descriptive of any other day this whole cycle.

I am thinking this thing will come down to Super Tuesday. If someone wins a majority of states that day, it will pretty much be wrapped up. (You are quite welcome for that incredibly unique and original, outside-of-the-box analysis).

My gut instinct and my Reason-ater are still in agreement that Romney is our best bet in the general.

If Santorum gets the nomination, I will vote for him (though, I think he will be a much harder sell to the population at large. While social conservatives were busy trying to influence culture from the top-down through Government intervention, the secular progressives used the public education system and the entertainment industry to indocrinate yesterday’s children. So we have a generation or two of socially liberal folks now. The left has, because of this, largely won the “culture war” for now. The best bet for social conservatives is to put more time, energy, and money towards church organizations and charities. Work to win over people’s hearts and minds individually, without the assistance of government. Santorum [though he is trying VERY hard to play down his social conservative cred and appear as more than a one-issue candidate] will be painted [however unfairly] as an Ultra-Socially Conservative crusader who wants to regulate what people do in their own bedrooms. As I said early, this will simply make him a very tough sell to the public at large ).

If Gingrich gets the nomination, I will vote for him (I’m just not sure he will be able to keep it together and avoid Nuclear Newt after O’s minions really lay into him. I much prefer Professor Newt, but Angry Newt always seems to be lurking in the background…ready to strike if he feels he’s been wronged. Obama and his storm troopers will try to goad Gingrich into meltdown mode. If he thinks Romney’s attacks were unfair and relentless, he ain’t seen nothin’ yet ).

If Hell freezes over and Paul gets the nomination, I will vote for him (who knows? Maybe tin-foil hats will come into fashion). [OK… that was a bit mean. I apologize. It’s just that some of his most vocal supporters are nothing short of looney. It’s just hard to look at Paul and not think of the 9-11 Truthers and College Pot Heads who support him so vociferously. There are plenty of very intelligent people who like Paul’s Constitutionalism, but they get overshadowed by the crazies.]

If Romney gets the nomination, I will vote for him (and will hope that my time will be spent trying to convince non-political folks of the truth that he is much better than Obama…rather than fighting tooth and nail with my fellow Righties).

All four of these gentlemen represent the chance to have this country governed in a Center-Right manner. They each have a different “brand” of Conservatism. None is perfect. None is the embodiment of Captain Mr. Super Ultra-Conservative. None is a Reagan-esque vessel for spreading acceptance of Conservatism.

But, maybe right now, we don’t need Reagan.

What we do need is to: remove Obama from the White House, enlarge a (responsibly conservative) Republican majority in the House, and take back the Senate. At the same time, we need the Conservative Wave of 2010 to continue in state and local elections.

As far as the White House goes, I simply want someone as President who will recognize that Washington DC is broken. I believe the best person to start to fix the Federal Government is Romney.

But whatever happens, everything is in God’s hands… and that is a key truth to understand in times like these.


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