L’Establishment, C’est Moi

The tiny bubble in which some people live (aka the political blogosphere) is alight with vitriol towards anything Mitt. Governor (and soon to be President) Romney is (depending on who is doing the namecalling and on which day) variably a moderate, a liberal, a Mormon demon, a statist, an eeeeevvvvviiiilllll capitalist pig, an elitist, etc.

The charge however, which generates the most play is that he is the chosen selection of a mysterious, secret cabal we call: The Establishment (cue music: bum bum buuuuuuum).

This nebulous, nefarious Establishment (bum bum buuuuum) is somehow forcing people to vote for Mitt Romney in the primary season. It’s not clear whether they are using Jedi Mind Tricks  – or I guess they would be using Sith Mind Manipulation, since the Establishment (bun bun buuuuuum) is The Devil –  or simply holding  a gun to people’s heads as they enter the voting booth…but, somehow or other, this Establishment ( bum bum buuuuuuum) pick is being forced down the throats of We The People…against our will, of course.

And yes, the actual thinking is as silly as that sounds.

Now then, if one is honest, one must concede the existence of what can rightfully be termed an Entrenched Political Class. These are lifelong politicicians from both sides of the aisle who try to maintain power tenaciously.

As with any myth, the boogeyman Establishment (bum bum buuuuuum) has some basis in truth. The above mentioned Entrenched Political Class has been given (evil) super powers to become the loathed Establishment (bum bum…… ok, I’m getting tired of this, so from here on out when I type the “E” word, you will just have to hear the music in your head).

These super-powered elites  apparently have different branches. In 2008, Hillary Clinton was the Establishment (Democratic Branch) candidate. Well, at least she was until she had won more delegates than Barack Obama. Then the super-delegates (not a hyperbolic description, that’s actually what they were called) who were made up of Democratic Party leaders and elected officials (read: Establishment) decided to throw the nomination to Obama.

Now in 2012, we have seen the rise of the Establishment (Republican Branch). True the Republican Establishment (henceforth simply called The Establishment, since, after all, there is no real difference between Democrats and Republicans)  are a convenient red herring when things go wrong. Bob Dole, John McCain. You see (the thinking goes) those guys were made the nominee by the Establishment. It all makes sense. See, the Establishment wants to remain in power… so they force us to nominate guys who have no chance of winning… then they essentially have no power. Genius, isn’t it?

For me, this Establishment hogwash lost it’s credibility when Newt Gingrich… (Newt Gingrich!)  … started to claim that the Establishment was out to (in Palin’s words) “crucify” him. Newtie, my dear sir, I guess that would make you a self-hating silly little man.

To make matters worse, the Tea Party ideals are being distorted into some kind of (oxymoron alert) Conservative Populism. I will expound on the clash between Conservatism and Populism in my next posting.

Another disconcerting phenomenon in the blogosphere is that anyone who voices support for Romney is being labeled as a liberal, a RINO, an Establishment goon, etc.

So, since I have chosen to back Mitt Romney, I guess that makes me part of the Establishment. And since no one who so hates the Establishment has been able to tell me exactly who or what makes up the Establishment, I thought I would provide a service and let people know what an Establishment dude looks like (I have insider knowledge after all).

OK, so, first:

I have a B.A. in Musical Theatre from a small Christian College. (Clearly I am an Intellectual Elitist).

I live in Alabama. (Well, Alabama has a coast…so, clearly I am a Coastal Elitist)

I have a wife and a young child. (I’ve been married how long? And I only have one child?? Clearly I hate families. I must be a Familial Elitist)

I have a job in the manufacturing sector at a local plant. (Clearly, I am a Wealthy, 1% Elitist)

I am a born-again Southern Baptist. (Clearly I am an atheist)

There you have it folks…a brief look into what a member of the Establishment is. Frightening potrait, no?

Speaking of Frightening Portraits…

The Face of Evil

Mr. H.

Member of the Establishment since 2012

Wanted for: Supporting Mitt Romney

2 thoughts on “L’Establishment, C’est Moi

  1. Newt may be off his rocker, but the Establishment is a standard notion in political theory. In the American context, it usually refers to East-Coast elites in the bureaucracy, financial sector, and media.


  2. That is very true.
    On these postings I usually shoot from the lip (or whatever you shoot from when writing a post) so while the thoughts are fresh (to me), they aren’t always fully fleshed out and sometimes clarity suffers as well.

    I will try and add an author’s note to be more clear.

    My frustration (and ridicule) was mainly meant to be directed towards some of the more crazy commenters on the Hot Air blog. “The Establishment” is used as an excuse and a boogeyman. And there is a “True Conservative” witch hunt that drives me crazy.


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