The Art of Eating Crow



If you follow the link above you will see that Newt Gingrich appears to be having a comeback (again)…(and at least in South Carolina).

My political prognostication has proven to be pitifully poor.

I honestly thought that Romney was basically running away with the nomination. I completely discounted Newt and thought that Rick Perry would have a comeback. I made mention of the fact that Romney had won both the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary.

What’s the news today?

 * Newt is topping Romney in the latest Rasmussen South Carolina poll

 * Rick Perry has dropped out of the race (and endorsed Gingrich)

 * It appears that Rick Santorum may have actually won the Iowa caucuses by about 34 votes (but that may never be officially certified because of some missing data)

So, in other words, I have been quite, quite wrong am a moron.

Another strong debate performance from Gingrich tonight could potentially really push him over the top in South Carolina. That would presumably turn this Primary race into anyone’s game. As far as political theatre goes, this is getting VERY exciting.

The fact remains that Newt has some serious personal baggage. But since redemption and forgiveness are major themes in my own life, I am willing to take Newt at his word when he says he has found Faith and been transformed by the power of the Living God.

My first choice in the current field is still Romney, but I will more than happily support Gingrich should he somehow get the nomination (if only to see him make Obama look like a stammering fool during the debates).

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