The Tomunist Manifesto Vol. 1, Issue 1

The Tomunist Manifesto Vol. 1, Issue 1

Hoping for the Best, Preparing for the Worst
In light of the reported riots in the UK and the unreported riots in the US, it is clear that the forces of unrest are beginning to rise. The necessity of breaking the chains of government dependence is not the cause of this unrest – just the catalyst.
Those of the progressive bent would excuse this inexcusable behavior by saying utterly silly things like: “They are rioting because they are in poverty.” “We are to blame because Society has failed these young people”.
The second one is certainly true – just not in the way the modern American liberal means it.
Society has failed to engender responsibility and to promote common sense.
It is only a fundamental misunderstanding of cause and effect which would lead someone to try and link this unrest with poverty. In truth, forced dependence on government CREATES irresponsibility and lack of civic pride which then creates both Poverty AND Unrest. Poverty isn’t the cause, but rather just a symptom of the sickness.
This unrest could swallow whole the world…and so it is left to us – the silent guardians of Western Culture – to play our part in helping to maintain stability here for as long as God requires.
Our first and most important task is obvious but often overlooked. We must pray both for guidance and for God to move in the hearts of mankind. We must acknowledge that it will not be by our efforts that this world will be changed for the better (or in the very least, pushed back from the brink of chaos) but rather it is only Divine Grace and Salvation that is both our means and our hope.
Understanding that, but not taking any positive action would not make us faithful…but rather, lazy.
I believe our task is to seek God’s guidance, to acknowledge His control of everything, and then… to Act.
If our said actions are outside of God’s Will, we must open ourselves up to correction and re-direction.
If we are doing what He wants us to do, My Goodness, what a wonderful change we could help bring to this world.
Recent articles and blog postings have posited the thought that nation and world at large as well as the Christian sphere are all suffering from a dearth of Ideas. If that is so, than I say, By George, let the floodgates be open!
Let us all discuss and debate Ideas…and then act on the best ones.
What we need is a new Renaissance and a new Enlightenment smashed together and reformed in the crucible of Christ’s atoning sacrifice. A Christian Ren-alightenment….or something.
Let loose Divinely Inspired Ingenuity… allow yourself to be filled with the Creative aspect of the Holy Spirit. I know that personally, I am full of it. – Full of that Creative compulsion provided by the Holy Spirit, that is.
So… all that was preface to the sharing of some thoughts and Ideas I have as to how best to combat this growing Unrest.
I believe this problem must be addressed from every angle simultaneously. We must put into effect both short term and long term fixes at the same time.
1)      Define the problem in absolute terms.
a.       Dismiss mealy-mouthed narratives suggesting that those who stoke and participate in this Unrest cannot be held responsible for their actions
b.      Identify the root cause as the Character-destroying effect of government “assistance”
2)      Start a war for the Hearts and Minds of the currently government dependent
a.       Encourage the Church to engage in open service and assistance to communities ravaged by the entitlement mentality in order to prepare the way for Christ
b.      Once we’ve begun to share the Gospel, the Church must enter phase two of this war
                                                               i.      To eliminate the possibility that these communities will simply switch from being dependent on government to being dependent on the institution of the Church or any individuals within the Church, Phase 2 consists of covert, anonymous help being given to these communities.
1.       This will make it clear that the help being received is coming from God alone
3)      Get them while they are young
a.       Reform the school system from the bottom up
                                                               i.      Where possible, encourage competition with Public, Government-run Schools by supporting and demanding Charter Schools
                                                             ii.      Where Charter Schools are not possible, demand that local schools give an accounting of how they are spending the money they receive
1.       Demand results in exchange for this funding
                                                            iii.      Work to eliminate the National Department of Education
1.       Free the States (and by proxy, the Local School Systems) from the tyranny of Federal control
2.       Make school systems self-sufficient so they can start refusing Federal funding (and all of the strings that are attached)
                                                           iv.      Once schools are in proper fiscal health and free from the bonds of Federal tinkering, start improving the curriculums of your local schools
1.       Non-Partisan Civic Responsibility should be weaved into the teaching of all core subjects
2.       Eschew the modern trend of severe specialization which leads to mental isolation by promoting a broad-based education
3.       Dismiss the limiting theories of “Different Types of Intelligence” which have produced the opposite of their intended purpose
a.        Re-ascribe to a firm belief in the Pygmalion Effect.
                                                                                                                                       i.      Expect that every child can learn everything being taught – and they will
4.       Temper needed individualized attention with fostering a social responsibility inherent in each classroom
a.       Reward individual achievement
b.      Provide for individual needs
c.       But – let the stated Classroom goal be that EVERYONE learns all the material
                                                                                                                                       i.      Encourage co-operation and “pro-activity” towards meeting this goal
5.       Separate Learning from Entertainment – excoriate the concepts of info-tainment and edu-tainment
a.       Recognize that the medium, is indeed, the message
b.      Train children from birth that Learning, in and of itself, is what is supposed to be fun… not the trappings which we currently use to “dress up” learning.

This incomplete outline serves as a starting point.
I will revisit and add more as time goes on…and hopefully will see some discussion in regards to these seeds of ideas.
Your thoughts?

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