The Story of Abigail Jean Haberkorn…a Tale in Progress

     Part One – God is Awesome. ‘Nuff said.

Marriage has a learning curve. And like far too many of my academic          endeavors, I get an F (for Foolishness).

If awards were given  for Worst Husband in the World, I would  have an    unbroken, record-breaking streak of 10 years running.

And on a side note, Jennifer and I’s 10 year Anniversary is indeed this  year. I have heard and said that quite a bit lately… but seeing those words  typed out in front of me, it somehow strikes me as more real (and truly  amazing).

In any case, for putting up with me and not kicking me to the curb, Jennifer is a Saint. Honestly. Saint Jennifer, Patron Saint of Long-Suffering Wives. It’s official. She’s got a certificate and a T-shirt and a show on EWTN, everything.

In all seriousness though, there is no way to express the incredible work that God has done in our lives. Without Him (with His gentle voice of patience for Jennifer and His thankfully stern correction for me – you see, I am the type that has to be beaten over the head in order to have things sink in) this marriage should have ended several times over. But God had different plans. He wanted us to stay together and did not allow us to sabotage what He had given us.

Only He knows the full purpose for keeping us together, but it is difficult not to believe that a huge part of His grand plan came to fruition at 7:15 AM on May 28 of 2011.

Abigail Jean Haberkorn entered the world at that time, weighing 6 pounds and 13 ounces and measuring 20 inches in length. Her story starts with the amazing grace of God. He has brought Jennifer and I to a maturity and spiritual awareness that I did not think possible (especially for a dolt like me). With Abigail now in our charge, our growth reaches a new level.

Every child is special and granted to undeserving parents for a string of God’s purposes. But, Abigail is especially special (and I am not biased at all). Truly though, her birth is a testimony to God’s enduring love and the result of what happens when we silly humans get out of the way and live our lives for Him.

The name Abigail means “My Father’s Joy”, and while she certainly is more than a joy for me, her name has a special meaning for us as well.

In her tiny eyes is the shining smile of God, for Abigail is His joy.

Jennifer and I are praying that we are the parents that God wants us to be. We dedicate our lives to bringing Abigail to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to model Christ’s love in the way we raise her so that she might see our Savior (through the Holy Spirit) working through our lives.

Miracles happen. I am making googly eyes at one right now.


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