A few thoughts…

The biggest danger facing any one of us is the trap of despair.

Cynicism is Despair in denial.

Though I am skilled in the art of being copacetic and joviality is my second nature, I have a streak of melancholy which oozes out from it’s dark place every now and then.

My last year of High School and first year of College were spent with many a mental trip down the River Styx to the philosophical Hades that is Existentialism.

With Sarte on one shoulder pointing out there was No Exit and Camus on the other weaving a haunting tale about L’Étranger, I spent a lot of time bouncing between the existential extremes of “Life is Pointless, Period” to the only slightly cheerier “Life is Pointless, but that’s alright”.

But having tasted the bitterness of despair, I can say unequivocally and with emphatic boldness that Cynicism is weakness.

It is the decayed moral state of “I give up”.

The cynic, hiding behind the misnomer of “Realism”, sees not what is really there…. but rather what they want to see.

In an ironic truth, it is the Cynic who is self-deluded rather than the Optimist.

For true hope and optimism lie in the understanding that the Creator of all things is still in charge.

Need hope? Look around you to the wondrous order of Nature. Think of the million-fold improbabilities of life existing as it does.

Search the sky for the dancing echo of light bursting through a cloud in a chorus of Hosana.

Choose to hope, for that is wisdom.