Why I am a Conservative. Part 1: Defining a paradigm

      Labels never capture the whole picture of any ideology. Nevertheless, it’s important to think through your views and invariably you will find yourself identifying closest to one or another of the major political “Labels”. For simplicity I will say that there are 3 main Labels: Liberal, Conservative, and Libertarian.

      I choose to call myself a Conservative and will use this (hopefully) short series of essays to explain why.           

      The beauty of the American system is that individuality is encouraged (and expected). This means that not all self-proclaimed Liberals will disagree with all of my stances…and likewise, not all self-described Conservatives will see things exactly as I do.

       However, by-and-large, my worldview is seen as most compatible with the Conservative viewpoint.

       To begin, we must first define what I mean by Conservative. In the defining, it should become clear why I choose to be called a Conservative. In a future essay, I will briefly explain why I choose not to be a Liberal or a Libertarian.

        As a caveat and clarification, this is most certainly my own definition of the Conservative ideal. As such, I will go ahead and call it: Haberkorn-ian Conservatism. Be advised that forthwith, any mention of “Conservatism” will be understood to be of the Haberkorn type.

         Conservatism has its deepest roots in Biblical Christianity.

         That is not to say that one must be a believing Christian in order hold Conservative thoughts. However, the basis for Conservative ideas does indeed stem from the Christian worldview.

            Conservatism grows out of two key biblical concepts:

1.)    Man is Fallen and by nature tends towards every possible form of evil

2.)    God gave Man free will and dominion over the Earth.

     Those two principles set up the opposite but equal truths which are the tension that Conservatism tries to solve:

            Man is incapable of good on his own, BUT, Man must be allowed to govern himself.

      Governments are created BECAUSE of the former, and they are IMPROVED by the latter. Conservatism seeks to balance the Two Truths by melding a pragmatic mind with an idealistic heart.

       That is the philosophical framework in which Conservatism rests.

     In the next essay, I will go into some details about Conservative belief.

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