Conservative Entertainment

I would like to start an extended series of posts talking about “Christian Entertainment”.

Before I do that, I wanted to distinguish Christian from Conservative entertainment, because often times, the two seem to be lumped together.

My working definition for Conservative Entertainment:

Any creative endeavor which contains themes most associated with right of center thinking and ideology.

Just as a teaser for further discussion, let me throw out a few examples from movies that I would consider Conservative Entertainment (and explain why I would label them as such).

1.) The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

This movie lays out the cause for Just War. Though some of the left-leaning actors who appeared in it (like Elijah Wood) thought they were making an anti-war movie (watch with the commentaries), The Two Towers movie actually plays as the justification for nations or people to take up arms and fight for what is good.

The Conservative position is not “pro-war”, but (in general) Conservatives understand that we live in a fallen world and sometimes it is necessary to fight evil.

The Return of the King is also (in the end) a justification for honorable war. Though it also includes some anti-war sentiments and themes.

But the Two Towers is a more overt demonstration of the understanding that sometimes war is necessary. The Two Towers showcases themes of self-sacrifice and taking a stand against evil at any (and usually the ultimate) cost.

2.) The Dark Knight

The oversimplified explanation: Batman (as The Dark Knight) = George W. Bush.

By that, I mean that in this movie, Batman must become evil in the eyes of society in order to fight true evil. There are many other Conservative themes throughout this amazing movie: the acknowledgement that evil exists in the world, the equally important acknowledgement that some people are simply evil (“Some men just want to watch the world burn”), etc.

Conservatives appreciate these themes and can easily see real-world parallels to them.

3.) All Pixar movies.

Don’t know what it is about them exactly, but Pixar movies all seem to resonate with Conseravtives in particular. There seem to be (sometimes subversive) Conservative themes.

I would even include Wall-E here, because it is almost deceptively Conservative when viewed as a whole. On the surface, it seems like an Environmental morality tale with some jabs at big corporations for good measure.

But look deeper.

Notice that the people have lost their self-reliance. They have everything provided to and done for them by the Government (which has been taken over by the corporation). The people’s predicament is not only a case of the result of rampant consumerism…but also a case of Nanny Statism to it’s logical extreme.

And notice also the ending credits. With the oppressive Government thrown off, the people are free to create and rebuild successfully.


Conservative Entertainment takes many forms, but it always contains right of center themes.

More along these lines later…

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