3 quick thoughts about the 2010 mid-terms

1.) This was a referendum on Keynesian economics. The mistaken belief that Government action alone can fix the country’s problems has been shot down (majorly). The American people are finally understanding that you can’t spend your way out of debt. It’s about time. Hooray for a truly Free Market!!!

2.) Disappointing losses such as Angle in Nevada and O’Donnell in Delaware have produced a lot of finger-pointing between Tea Partiers and Establishment Republicans (and quite a few smug, self-righteous “I-Told-You-So’s” from the latter).  The Establishment will use those two losses to try and perpetuate the dumb idea that the nebulous factor of “electability” should always trump a candidate’s beliefs and ideology when choosing someone to run. Point of fact: McCain was by far the most “electable” candidate in the 2008 Republican field. Look how great that turned out.

3.) Montgomery, Alabama is way more leftist than I am comfortable with.


Time to move? 🙂


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