The “Doctrine of Social Justice” and the Church

There’ s a new buzzword in “ progressive” churches. And when I say new, what
I really mean is simply a modern interpretation of a centuries old concept. That concept
is “ Social Justice” .

What Social Justice means depends on who you ask, but before we define it, let
me offer a caveat which serves as the hypothesis for this post: The current incarnation of
Social Justice is not based on sound biblical doctrine, but rather on very secular models
of political philosophy.

That being said, I will define today’ s Social Justice as: the effort to give
Government the means to redistribute wealth and gain complete control of a country’ s economy by trying to mask excessive and punitive taxation under the guise of Christian Morality.

Make no mistake, the voluntary, selfless giving of your time, treasure, and talents
to a Church, a charitable organization, or simply directly within one’ s community is not
only a good practice for a Christian… but is, indeed, a natural outpouring of Christ’ s love
through us.

However, the involuntary taking of time, treasure, and talents through a
Government by threat of force and the subsequent redistribution of these things is what
most sane people would call un-Godly tyranny. Progressives call it Social Justice instead.

On a side note: If you are a Christian and you are not helping those in need, you
must examine your walk and try to figure out why you are not prone to give. Giving and
helping those in need is not a requirement of Christians…rather it is a characteristic of
Christians. We give and help, not because we are good and righteous, but instead God’ s
love comes through us as He gives.

Back to the regularly scheduled program:
Just be wary if your pastor or Church leader starts talking about Social Justice in
the terms of using the Government to meet people needs. Though they probably mean well, they are simply acting as “ useful idiots” for a political agenda.


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