Preview for future post

There’ s a bit of faux-wisdom that goes something like: “ Those who feel, look at the
world and cry at the injustice. Those who think, look at the world and laugh at the

In my experience, this is sometimes said by self-conscious eggheads in an attempt to
convince themselves they have a sense of humor.

But much more often, it is said by former fart-joke comedians longing to be taken
seriously. And so, they overreach and hit the other extreme by pretending their ability to
make people laugh is some sign of deep and significant intelligence.

As with most man-made maxims, the Truth in the inciting statement lies somewhere in
between…and can be very different for each person (due to the nature of humanity in that
we are shaped by a combination of individual personality and personal experience).

All this is preface to a futre post in which I want to discuss the decline of humor in our society. Namely, the rise of what I will call The Comedy of Degradation.


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