Leftist Brainwashing: Episode 1

Two recent examples of leftist propaganda being considered fact:


A candidate running for US Senate in Colorado was on Meet the Press recently. Ken
Buck more or less said that he believed homosexuality was a choice. In an admittedly
clumsy move [1], he compared homosexuality to alcoholism and immediately was
the victim of vitriolic backlash. Gay Rights groups are up in arms and their lapdogs in the
media and entertainment circles joined in the smear chorus.

Buck’ s opponent said that those views were “ out of the mainstream” .

Buck later released some statements to “ clarify” what he was saying and almost avoided
the stench of backpedaling (but not quite). [2]

In any case…I apparently missed the exact moment when thousands of years of
understanding were thrown out the window. All of a sudden, now if you believe
homosexuality to be a choice, you are automatically a big, stupid, gay-hating, jerk person.

Now, granted, that the Non-Believing world is destined to see Christianity and bible-
based thought as foolishness (they can’ t help it…they are born that way). However, the
prevailing consensus in America has been that homosexuality is, indeed, a choice – until
very recently.

I just wanted to encourage Bible-believing Christians [3] to not let the world
and ‘ pop culture’ steer you away from the Truth. The Bible may not contain an
exhaustive and complete list of all sins, but it does point us towards understanding
categories of what is wrong in God’ s eyes. Even so, homosexuality is actually specifically
mentioned in a handful of places. If you are all “ New Covenant-y” (and have
misunderstood what Jesus and Paul said about the Law) then you will be glad to know
that admonitions against homosexuality are not found only during a jaunt through
Leviticus or Deuteronomy. Paul, as Christ’ s ambassador, mentions homosexuality
in the context of sin in more than one of his letters. It’ s there folks. It is what it is.
Homosexuality is a sin, just like lying, stealing, and heterosexual lust and sexual impurity
are sins.

As far as the “ pre-disposition” argument goes, I would simply say we are all pre-disposed
to sin.

‘ Nuff said.

Being pre-disposed to sin does not make disobeying God right.

Hear, Hear.

[1] This is an example of why teaching classical rhetoric is so important. Speakers would not find themselves in positions where they need to “clarify” if they would simply speak well and clearly from the beginning.

[2] I wish that people were not afraid to say what they mean. And I also
wish that on those occasions during which people accidentally or unintentionally say
what they mean, that they would not feel the need to explain themselves. For goodness
sake, this is America. Say what you mean and the stand by it. To Hades with Political

[3] One would hope that “Bible-believing Christians” was a redundant description. Sadly, it’s not anymore.


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