The Tomunist Resurgence

*Author’s Note* Well… it may not be an actual ‘resurgence’ in the strictest only definition of the word. We never really ‘surged’ to begin with. So, perhaps we are seeing simply a ‘surgence’? And, by we, I of course mean only me – the sole Tomunist still ever living. But, then again, in true Marxist fashion (Groucho, not Karl), I refuse to be a member of any club that would have me as its member, so I suppose that brings the total card-carrying number of Tomunists in existence to zero. So, the title is not as fitting as it could be. Oh well. I will just say that I have no control over the titles of my pieces and that some random editor slaps those on before the publication goes to print screen (?)

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My Vote – Tomsplained

*Editor’s Note 1* “Tomsplaining” is meant to be a tongue-in-cheek reference to “Mansplaining”…but tomsplaining  is good-natured and non-condescending. *Editor’s Note 2* I fully respect the diversity of opinion on this subject…particularly among my fellow Believers. It is not my intention to impugn anyone’s choices or to call into question anyone’s motivations or moral and Biblical understanding. […]

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Pump Up or Dump the Trump?

So… yeah. First of all, this post has exactly nothing to do with Michael Phelps or swimming or the Olympics. I just REALLY wanted to use the Phelps Face in something…sooooo….there ya go! ***CONTENT DISCLAIMER*** The opinions expressed below are mine and mine alone. If you disagree with me – I will not think any […]

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